Online Casino Loyalty Programs

When it comes to playing casino online, loyalty to a specific platform always pays. In this post, find out everything you ever wanted to know about loyalty rewards that you will find in almost every online casino gaming platform.

Casino Loyalty Programs: How They Work

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The first question a gambler who wishes to play casino online should ask before shopping for the best casino loyalty program is how they work. It is especially important if you want to explore how each reward system available on a platform contributes towards leveraging a wager.

First off, let’s note that casino loyalty programs are mostly the same across different gaming platforms. The catch with these programs is that as soon as a player signs up; they are eligible for bonus points that calculated based on the number of wagers on specific casino games.  The more points a player accumulates playing on a site, the higher the ranking status he or she achieves. For example, a casino gaming site can have a VIP loyalty program for gamblers that wager at least $10,000 after three months.  Most importantly, reward points are redeemable to gambling credits, not to mention that the higher you climb up the VIP and the more gambling credits you have at your disposal.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that in most casino websites, player loyalty programs are especially beneficial to high rollers because it begets more points, player bonuses, and ranking status. If you always frequent gambling sites, you must have noticed that most of them have a system that ranks VIP players based on accumulated loyalty points. For example, if every $10 wager earns you 1 point, it means, a high roller who places a wager of $500 would have 50 points. To distinguish between high and low rollers, VIP programs in most casino gaming platforms have a ranking status/badge that categorizes loyal customers into platinum, gold, silver, or bronze membership.

Why are casino loyalty programs important

Casino loyalty programs are here to stay but the big question is why they are important to gambling companies. The truth is that the online gambling industry whose market cap will exceed $550 billion in the year 2022 according to several online information sources has continued to witness rapid growth since the mid-1990s. And with more gaming sites coming up, competition has increasingly become stiff. Thus, to stand out from the pack, gambling sites always make use of casino loyalty programs. The aim is to have players subscribe to permanent membership, during which they will get rewarded for every coin they wager on a gambling platform.

Even with the best customer service, gaming platforms such as William Hill Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, Genting Casino, Bet365 Casino, Fanduel, Draftkings, and others find it necessary to continuously give players incentives. In a big way, loyalty programs do not only incentivize players but also provide gambling companies with the much-need leverage they need to beat competitors.

Defining the best casino loyalty programs

The next question gamblers ask about online casino loyalty programs is how to identify the best ones. We can also rephrase the question as to which factors determine the best casino loyalty programs. Well, for a beginner, anything goes. However, even with a few years of experience playing casino on the web, every player should sign up with a gaming platform that has the best rewards system.

How to choose the best casino loyalty programs

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With casino loyalty programs available in different websites comes the question of choosing the best one. For most gamblers, the first step is to find compare bonus points awarded to players on different casino gaming sites.  Most importantly, the following tips should help you make the right decision from the onset:

License and regulation

There are thousands of gambling sites on the web but not all of them operate legally. It means, while some sites offer attractive and competitive loyalty bonuses, you should only sign up with a gambling site operated by a legally registered and regulate gambling company. Even more important is that you should ensure games on a gambling site are provided by a reputed and licensed provider such as NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, and others.

Compare loyalty programs across different sites

The next step to choosing a suitable loyalty program is comparing offers across different gambling sites. While at it, ask the question: How much should a player wager on any given site per month to qualify for a VIP loyalty program or retain a gaming status such as platinum membership? Also find out about offers for low rolling players, especially if loyalty bonuses are tailored to accommodate everyone who wishes to join a VIP program.

The house edge and point rewards for different games

You may want to play a specific game on a casino website but the question is, does the house edge favor it? Or is your favorite game available on a gambling site? Also, how many points will you gain if you place a wager of $10? The truth is that most gaming sites give players more points for games give a casino house a larger edge. It means, while slots games are very popular on casino websites, you would find some sites offering 1 point for every $10 wager on slots and another website giving 1 point for every $20 wager.

Faster banking with Loyalty Programs

With loyalty programs, comes the advantage of faster processing of winnings and even deposits. However, not all online casino platforms have this benefit for players. Thus, you should find out if earning a VIP status on a gambling site earns a special treatment when processing payments or it is just about earning more points with higher wagers.

Casino Loyalty Programs: The Bottom Line

Casino loyalty programs are here to stay in the foreseeable future. However, gamblers should shop for the best offers in the market before signing up with a platform. A good loyalty program shouldn't just be about earning more points with higher wagers. It should also come with giving VIP members priority in areas such as accessing customer support, email support, more withdrawal options, faster processing of payments, and sometimes, even monthly bonus gambling credits.